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Pirates, Princesses, LEGO MOVIE® and LEGO® Friends, you’ll be immersed in their world at the wall-to-wall themed LEGOLAND® Resorts.

From hotel walls and floors to restaurant tablecloths and menu boards, every detail comes together to create total enchantment.

LEGOLAND® Hotels Bedroom

I’ll admit, it feels strange to see our faces up there on the walls. But you know what? I like it. It really reflects what we’re about.

Seymore Bricks

Chief Concierge

LEGOLAND® Hotel Family in room

What we did...

Large-scale wall, floor and carpet graphics for all bedrooms, bathrooms, suites and corridors. Restaurant wall graphics, menu boards, floor & ceiling graphics, public downstairs area floor-to-ceiling assets including reception area desk graphics.

Local Marketing Collateral

Large Format Prints

LEGOLAND® Hotels Bedroom
LEGOLAND® Hotels Bedroom