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Trolls World Tour

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres

In 2020, we delivered a core creative marketing campaign for the LEGO® Trolls World Tour at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres create bigger and better ‘hands-on-brick’ family experiences. We helped make it an exciting consumer experience with all touch points bringing the hair-raising musical party to life.

I’ve been working with the Troll community for a long time now and this was, without a doubt, one of the best events I’ve attended. We had excellent facilities and the trolls’ felt nurtured and well supported. They really gave it their best.

John Smith

Trolls Personal Groomer

Trolls World Tour

What we did...

The event showcased exclusive themed activities which included key visuals, hero photos, social media assets. Extensive event-kit vinyls were created for hanging banners, scavenger hunt cards, model build cards, TV screens, bunting and themed door entrances.

Digital Assets

Event Marketing Toolkits

Key Visuals

Photoshoots & Videoshoots

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