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When we created the logo for LEGO®’s first ever toddler roller coaster – the DUPLO® Dino Coaster – the team loved it so much they invited us to produce more key visuals for DUPLO® VALLEY.

What started in LEGOLAND® Windsor, grew into a global suite of graphics for LEGOLAND® New York, LEGOLAND® Florida and LEGOLAND® Gardaland Resort.


Despite their fierce appearance, these creatures are really quite docile and provide the ideal opportunity for small children to experience their first roller coaster.

Derek Danger

Dino Rangler

DUPLO® Valley Posters

What we did...

The new logo and key visuals helped highlight the Dreamcoaster as a main feature in DUPLO® VALLEY. From the key visual, we developed a dynamic orb design to go across the Kellogg’s “Kids Go Free” promotion which appeared on cereal boxes, web, social and POS all over the country. Our work was also featured on the Channel 5 programme ‘Inside LEGOLAND®: A World Of Wonder’.

Key Visuals

Digital Assets

Local Marketing Collateral

Kellogg's Free Adult Ticket