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Create larger-than-life adventures to captivate your guests with Fluro Attractions, the UK’s theming experts. Trusted by the world’s most beloved brands, we’ll bring your characters, stories and themes to life using imaginative design, precision application and full-service project planning.

From parks and slides to food and rides, visitors will enter a world of enchantment as we help turn architectural plans into awe-inspiring realities. With a reputation for exceeding expectations, our track record spans 10 years and 15 countries. We pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary work that leaves a lasting impression.

Welcome to Fluro Attractions,
where we take fun seriously.

Make your hotel a seamless continuation of an immersive adventure, whether it’s bedrooms, bathrooms, bars or the spaces in between.

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Create unforgettable experiences by bringing your theme to life at every step of the journey.

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Soak up even more fun, by making every twist turn into an epic adventure.

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Whether you want to astonish, excite or terrify your visitors, attention to detail will ensure there’s never a dull moment in sight.

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Never a one-size-fits all situation, serve up your fries, fritters, fro-yo and foot-longs with the love and attention it deserves.

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From Theme Book To Reality

Creating enchantment and wonder on a large scale requires a serious amount of planning and practical experience. It’s not easy to find a partner who understands the mechanics behind the magic, but at Fluro Attractions we’re the experts at breathing life into your vision.


The brief.

This is the part where you tell us your dreams.


The plans.

This is where we design your dreams.


The elevations.

Your dreams can fall apart in this stage, but we won’t let that happen.


The artworking.

Dreams can turn into nightmares at this stage without a team like Fluro on your side.

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